Tonerangel offers a wide range of quality toner and ink cartridges for all types of laser and inkjet printers. With Tonerangel, you can buy both original cartridges and compatible cartridges. Our compatible cartridges are cheaper and ideally suited to help you control the costs associated with the use of your printer. You will also find compatible toner refill kits designed to refill your empty laser toners at the end of their cycle. We supply these for all the largest brands including HP, Canon, Epson, OKi, Samsung & Lexmark printers.


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How does a toner refill work?
How many times can I refill my cartridge?
Are there occasions when I shouldnt use a refill?
Are all toners the same?
Will I get the same number of prints?
Will the quality be as good?
Do you provide photographic instructions?

How does a toner refill work?
For some printers and fax machines refilling with toner is very easy. Remove the hopper cap, empty the old toner and then you can pour in the new toner.

Other cartridges may have a number of 2 screws to remove, before you can access the hopper cap. Some cartridges do not have a hopper capand you will then need to melt a hole in the cartridge using our "melting" tool.

How many times can I refill my cartridge?
Normally, a new cartridge will last for up to 3 refills, before you lose quality or internal components start to fail. It depends on the type of cartridge. Cartridges which do not contain an imaging drum, will often last for up to 5 refills.

When should I not refill my cartridge?
You should not refill a cartridge that is already showing print defects. Refilling will not solve the defect.

Are all toners the same ?
No. Each toner we supply is specific to a particular printer engine. We have tested very toner that we supply.

Will I get the same amount of prints ?
All our toner refill kits have been designed to deliver a color range and page yield that is comparable to the original product in the high yield version.

Will the quality be as good ?
We do all the company’s printing on cartridges refilled using our own methods and toner.

Do you provide photographic instructions ?
Yes, we will provide easy full instructions with every refill kit sold. In addition to this we also provide online videos that will show you the basics - so you can see the basic method used before you buy.